Guidelines for debris removal and disposal
List of items accepted at rubbish site
Report a garbage pick up problem
Pipeline Safety Information

The City of  Waynesboro Public Works Department wants to remind people to not
mow or blow grass and leaves onto city streets. When large piles of leaves are in
leaves end up in the city’s storm sewer system. This can sometimes plug the
system, causing a street to flood and damage to pipes.
All persons preparing to dig must
notify Mississippi 811 two days in
advance of digging,
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read the law.
Locate requests should be called in by the person or company that will be performing the actual
excavation in order to be covered by the locate request number provided by Mississippi One-Call
System, Inc. MS Law 77-3-1 requires excavators to notify owners of underground facilities at
excluded) before digging. Marking your proposed excavation site with white paint or white flags
prior to calling in your locate request will help confirm to the locator(s) the exact location you will
be excavating.