The primary objective of the City of Waynesboro Code Enforcement
Division is to protect the public's life, health, safety and welfare. We
endeavor to provide responsive and efficient services to the public by
becoming more professional in our inspections through the continued
education and training of our personnel.
Building Permit Requirements   A Building Permit is required by law!

Residential and Commercial
1.  Plot Plan ( show location of house, drives, drainage, etc.)
2.  Contruction Plans
3.  Name, address, phone number of general contractor.
 Elevation Certificate if property is in a flood zone.
5.  Contractors license number must be displayed on site as required by Mississippi Law
6.  Contractors are responsible for removal of scrap construction materials & debris.
Permit Applicatons
(All documents are in PDF to view, print, or download)
Building Permit Application
Electrical Inspection Application
New Zoning Map 2012
Setback Requirements
Building Permit Fee Calculation Chart
Waynesboro City Map
House Moving Permit Application & Ordinance
Sign Permit Application
Zoning Ordinance
Litter Ordinance
Transient Vendor
Dog Ordinance
Zoning Map 2012
Mobile Home Ordinance
National Historic Registry Information
Sign Ordinance 1972
Alcohol Ordinance
Livestock Ordinance
Adoption Ordinance for IBC-2009
Pool Hall and Billiard Hall Ordinance
State Alcohol Permit Application
Alcohol Sales Frequently Asked Questions
Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control Website
Beer Permit Application
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act Regulations
ADA Design Standards
**Elevation Certificates are required if property is in a flood zone!**
Floodplain Ordinance
Hazardous Materials
Lead Paint
As a property manager or person in the position of authority to
choose who renovates your rental property, hospital, child care
facility, school, or apartment, it is your responsibility to choose
a contractor who is
Lead Safe Certified.
Demolition/Renovation Notification Form for Asbestos
About lead paint in your home
Mississippi Asbestos Regulations
Code Enforcement Division
Mississippi State Board of Contractors

P.O. Box 320279
Jackson, Ms. 39232-0279
Waynesboro Zoning & Planning Commission
The Planning & Zoning Commission provides consultation to citizens on zoning matters, as well as makes
recommendations to the Board of Aldermen with regard to land use and development.
Public Hearings
Mark Gordon, Chairman
Board of Directors  
Privilege and Business License
Privilege/Business License.

  1. All applications must be reviewed in order to insure all zoning, electrical, fire, and other codes are in
  2. If your business will be collecting sales tax, you must apply for and receive a State sales tax
    identification number for Wayne County from the Mississippi State Tax Commission.  
  3. If you are opening a restaurant, you are required to supply a copy of your food permit. This permit is
    issued to you when a health inspection is made of your restaurant before you open.
  4. If you will be serving beer, you are required to supply a copy of your beer permit. This permit is issued to
    you by the State Tax Commission before you open for business.
  5. If you are a transient vendor or selling door to door, you must have a special permit.